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Main Functions:


  • Including Recovery, Vacuuming, Charging, etc. can be combined arbitrarily, it is fully automatic.
  • Recovered refrigerant comply with SAE J2788 standard.
  • Separate and drain old oil automatically.
  • Removes incondensable gases and moisture automatically.




  • Deal with new refrigerant R1234yf/134a
  • 8”Touch screen, digital gauges, won’t break easily.
  • Fully Automatic, allowing the Technician to do other tasks.
  • Thermal Printer inside.
  • Vacuum leak test.
  • Nine sensors inside, for work tank, pressure gauges, oil bottles etc. Refrigerant & Oil recharge can be measured accurately.
  • PC software shows current work progress directly. All maintenance data is recorded for further analysis.

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