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InPowers ABS3 Series of Auxiliary Battery Switches are the ideal solution for charging and isolating an auxiliary battery from a vehicles chassis battery and alternator. InPowers ABS3 Series replaces outmoded battery isolators and unreliable mechanical battery separators. The ABS3 uses proven patented solid-state contactor and Cool Terminal technology.

Sophisticated microprocessor algorithms monitor over-current, over- voltage, under-voltage, and over-temperature conditions.

Load Logic technology automatically compensates for initial connection (surge) and yet accurately detecting a dead short fault.

The auxiliary battery is charged from the chassis battery and alternator while the chassis battery is protected from auxiliary battery load discharge. Since the ABS3 is bidirectional, a charging device (such as a battery charger or genset) that is connected to the auxiliary battery will also supply charging current to the chassis battery.

The unit will be on if BAT1 or BAT2 is more than 13.5V for more than 10Sec and off if BAT1 and BAT2 is less than 12.8V for greater than 10Sec.

Optionally connecting 12 volts to the ABS3 input control enables the boost start feature. This feature allows both the auxiliary and chassis batteries to supply engine starting current. ON if +12V to input terminal if BAT1 or BAT2 Volts > 7.0V


The boost start can be made automatic by connecting the input to the engine start signal. InPowers ABS3 200 Amp Auxiliary Battery Switches are available in 2 and 4 Lug models. The 4 Lug model allows the ABS3 to serve as a high current junction block.

In addition, the 4 Lug model allows parallel power cabling between the auxiliary and chassis batteries. Parallel power cabling significantly reduces overall cable cost and increases wiring efficiency.

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